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The Guinness World Records summarises it quite simply: Antarctica is the least explored continent on the planet. Scarcely touched by humans, this vast and remote wilderness remains governed by the forces of ice, rock, water and snow. In fact, 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice, with some 14 million square kilometres of tundra, mountains, ice shelves, and glaciers. Antarctica is also the coldest and driest continent on Earth, but that certainly shouldn’t stop you from visiting. This region is home to a fascinating collection of wildlife, including whales, albatross, emperor penguins, and seals. What’s more, Antarctica is only open to tourists between November and March, when visitors can enjoy temperatures of up to 14°C, as well as 24 hours of daylight. Discover magnificent mountain ranges, international research stations, volcanic islands bejewelled with hot springs, and the southern pole of inaccessibility – home to an abandoned Soviet station, and one of the hardest places to reach in the world. This continent was the last corner of the Earth to ever be discovered, so rug up, and get moving – you have a lot of catching up to do.

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Start your Antarctic adventure in the bustling cosmopolitan cities of Santiago, Chile, or Buenos Aires, Argentina. Explore the sights, sounds and culture of these cities at your own leisure, before boarding an ice-strengthened cruise ship to the world’s southernmost continent. While some Antarctic cruise ships depart from Chile, Australia, or New Zealand, most ships will depart from Ushuaia, in southern Argentina. While on board, learn about the history and wildlife of the area with a range of presentations, films and workshops presented by the ship’s expedition team. Cross the Drake Passage and arrive at some of Antarctica’s most famous destinations, including the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Explore abandoned whaling stations, admire the vast, otherworldly scenery, and spot thousands of gentoo penguins on Greenwich Island. Enjoy panoramic views while hiking on Petermann Island, or marvel at enormous icebergs and glacial landscapes as you cruise through the famous Antarctic Sound. Those looking for adventure can also kayak past looming icebergs on pristine waters, hike through the snow to mountain top lookouts, or even spend a night camping on the ship’s deck for an immersive Antarctic experience. Although each programme is influenced by weather, wind and ice conditions, each day of your Antarctic tour will be carefully curated to ensure that you enjoy a truly unforgettable—and utterly unique—Antarctic adventure.

Webjet Exclusives’ Antarctica tours offer fantastic value for those looking to explore this stunning part of the world without compromising on the quality of their holiday. Offering utmost convenience, many of our Antarctica holiday packages come bundled with inclusions such as return international flights, meals, accommodation, shore excursions, professional tour guides and more. Webjet Exclusives’ holiday packages take all the hard work out of organising your trip; all that’s left for you to do is to choose your city of departure and preferred travel dates. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with booking your holiday through Australia’s largest and most trusted online travel agent. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team is available to chat by phone, email or online, seven days a week. Book your Antarctic holiday with Webjet Exclusives and pay no interest for up to 12 months (conditions apply).

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