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Tour Russia with Webjet Exclusives. Discover the beauty of St Petersburg, the Russian coastline and beyond!

Covering such a large portion of Europe, Russia is a true force to be reckoned with. Home to spectacular cities, rustic villages and more than its fair share of natural beauty, not only is it so incredibly expansive, but it is also so completely unforgettable. From the ornate buildings of St Petersburg and Moscow through to the wild, wide open spaces of Siberia, you’ll find that there’s there’s more to Russia than just vodka, ballet and its imperial heritage. Bordering Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the country’s culture is diverse, its history long and its experiences so remarkably varied, meaning that there are countless way to see and discover this breathtaking part of the world. A remarkable destination for the first time traveller and the seasoned globetrotter alike, as you tour Russia, you’ll come face to face with just what makes this complex and intriguing country so special.

Book an unforgettable Russia tour with Webjet Exclusives!

Whether it’s set to be your first time visiting Russia or you’re looking for a different perspective of this remarkable corner of the globe, you’ll find so many ways to enjoy a Russian holiday. As you explore Russia with Webjet Exclusives, you’ll have the opportunity to see the sights of some of the country’s biggest cities, discovering their beauty firsthand and revelling in their long and fascinating histories. Admire the grand architecture and rich culture of St Petersburg, the former capital of Imperial Russia, as you explore the city’s vast public squares and the sites that acted as a backdrop to pivotal events in the country’s evolution, from the 1917 Revolution through to World War II and beyond. Stick to the cities and experience their unique blend of history and modernity, or head off the beaten track for a taste of authentic Russia. Get to know one of the world’s largest nations with a general introduction to the Baltics or make the most of your time abroad with an unforgettable, in-depth Russia tour. Cruise to Russia from Helsinki or Tallinn and see some of the region’s top coastal sights during a brief stay, making the most of your free time to visit some of the iconic sites scattered across its major ports.

See the best of Russia for less with a value-for-money holiday from Webjet Exclusives. Making it easy to plan your time abroad, many of our Russia tours feature flights, accommodation, sightseeing and other fantastic inclusions, leaving you to simply select the travel dates that best suit you and your preferred city of departure. Without having to worry about the finer details of your time abroad, you’ll have more time to enjoy the beauty and heritage of your incredible surroundings. Part of Australia’s largest and most trusted online travel agency, you can book with peace of mind knowing that our expert customer service team is available by phone, email and online chat, seven days a week. Secure your Russian holiday with Webjet Exclusives today and pay no interest for up to 12 months (conditions apply).

Ready to discover the beauty and diversity of Russia? Reserve your place on an incredible Russian tour from Webjet Exclusives today!


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