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Tour Greece with Webjet Exclusives. Discover sunkissed islands, historic ruins, fantastic food and more!

Greece, a nation of overwhelming historical value, incredible cuisine, wonderful hospitality and stunning architecture. A part of the world that offers travellers enchanting experiences all year round, it’s a destination where you can spend time island hopping at the height of summer and exploring the ancient remains of its rich history during the cooler months. Finding that spectacular balance between its heritage and its current tourist dynamism, Greece manages to exude a sense of casual style, where the days roll from one day into the next and bright blue skies overlook crystal clear waters throughout most of the year. An affordable destination, accommodation and dining tend to be less expensive than some of its counterparts, while the warm Greek hospitality is sure to leave you feeling right at home. This incredible combination of history, hospitality, natural beauty and affordability makes Greece the ideal destination for your next trip abroad.

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Make the most of your time and travel budget by with a Greece tour from Webjet Exclusives. Feel like you’ve travelled back in time as you cruise around the stunning Greek Islands, a place of extraordinary beauty and ancient mythology. One of the most popular islands within the archipelago is the majestic Santorini. Spot the island’s iconic whitewashed buildings and spend time soaking up the stunning views found across the island, famed for its unparalleled sunsets and dramatic landscape. With Webjet Exclusives you can then cruise over to the lavish island of Mykonos, a place that truly embraces the quintessential Greek architecture, beautiful beaches and small villages that the archipelago is famed for. Webjet Exclusives lets you further tour the Greek coastline, visiting the seaside town of Katakolon. This laidback community is one for the history buffs, with it being the birthplace of the Olympic games, where you can explore the ancient Olympia ruins. Visit Paros, one of the most popular islands within the stunning Cyclades. Stroll the ancient streets of the sun soaked island, making sure to visit one of the oldest churches in the country, Panagia Ekatontapiliani. A Greece tour would not be complete without visiting the nation’s modern capital, Athens. Gaze in awe at the magnificent Acropolis which dominates the Athenian landscape.

Value for money is guaranteed when booking a Greece tour with Webjet Exclusives. With Webjet Exclusives, you can travel to Greece and pay no interest for up to 12 months (conditions apply). As a part of Australia’s largest and most trusted online travel agent, Webjet Exclusives offers a great range of accommodation options, from the glamourous to something more accustomed to the budget adventurer. If you have any concerns regarding your upcoming trip to Greece, here at Webjet Exclusives we have an extensive expert customer service team available by phone, email or online chat seven days a week. Take the stress out of planning your next Greece holiday and save money on flights, accommodation and sightseeing with Webjet Exclusives.

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