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Cruise Europe with Webjet Exclusives. Discover the beauty of the French Riviera, the Danube, the Volga River and beyond!

Easily claiming the title of the world’s most visited continent, Europe is blessed with just about every kind of attraction you could hope to find. Stunning cities, both ancient and modern, breathtaking landscapes, revolutionary art, and unforgettable food all abound here in varied and interesting forms. While most tourists choose to explore Europe by rail and road, a river cruise provides the perfect opportunity to kickback, relax and soak up the sights of this spectacular part of the world in style. The continent is crossed by hundreds of rivers and their tributaries, which, aside from enhancing an already impressive landscape, make fantastic routes for exploring much of Europe. Whether it’s a short jaunt along the Seine, surrounded by the twinkling lights of Paris, or an illuminating journey down the legendary Danube, Europe’s scenic river cruises allow you to experience this captivating continent like never before.

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Europe’s river cruises present a range of unique opportunities. Those cruising on the Seine can admire Monet’s cathedral paintings in the Musée d'Orsay, and then continue north to behold the real thing in Normandy. Spanning almost 3,000 kilometres, the great Danube can bring you to Regensburg – the custodian of priceless Stone Age buildings – just as easily as it can take you to the graffitied streets and grungy clubs of Belgrade. Flowing all the way from the mountains of Switzerland, the Rhine carves borders between countries and passes vibrant towns on its 1,300-kilometre journey to the North Sea. Choose a Rhine River cruise to witness the tranquil beauty of the Swiss Alps, to visit the awesome cathedrals of Cologne, or to soak up the electric atmosphere of Amsterdam. Gaze up at Portugal's incredible terraced vineyards from the Douro River, or admire the fashionable assortment of yachts, luxury resorts and boutiques lining the beautiful French Riviera.

Webjet Exclusives’ river cruises deals offer fantastic value for those who want to travel Europe without compromising the quality of their holiday. Many of our scenic river cruises come with a range of inclusions such as return international flights, port transfers, meals, accommodation, overland transport and more. Planning a holiday shouldn’t be hard work; that’s why with Webjet Exclusives, the only thing you have to do is choose your city of departure and travel dates. Leave the rest to us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with booking a holiday through Australia’s largest and most trusted online travel agent. Our customer service experts are available to chat by phone, email or online, 7 days a week.

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