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Considered to be one of the heartlands of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a country of immense beauty which is steeped in a wealth of history and culture. A truly unique and vibrant country, Vietnam is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. The Vietnamese weather varies significantly from place to place due to the shape of the country, meaning that you can enjoy both tropical beach weather or much cooler mountaineering, all of which is dependent on what kind of holiday you are looking for. With attractions such as the majestic Halong Bay and the historic city of Hoi An scattered throughout the country, it becomes quite obvious why Vietnam is a favourite with travellers from across the world. Offering something for all, Vietnam is a dream destination that provides the perfect balance of adventure and leisure.

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Booking with Webjet Exclusives provides you with the choice of an incredible range of Vietnamese hotels and resorts that allow you to truly absorb all the major sights and experiences of one of Southeast Asia’s most popular destinations, from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi through to Nha Trang. Whether you see your trip more focused towards Vietnam’s beach areas or the heritage-rich inner cities, finding a hotel package from Webjet Exclusives is a great starting point for exploring the beauty and culture of Vietnam. Enjoy the culinary delights of the country, including a long list of dishes which focus on fresh, subtle and flavoursome ingredients. The quality of such food is almost overwhelming, drawing in travellers from far and wide with iconic dishes such as pho and banh mi. Extended stays are definitely recommended when visiting Vietnam as there is simply so much to see and do, however, Webjet Exclusives provides travellers with the ideal foundation for a short escape to the country with its many hotel deals. Extras are offered with many deals, with additional perks including meals, airport transfers, massages and more. Book today to truly experience this remarkable country!

Discovering the wonder of Vietnam is made easy by Webjet Exclusives, giving you value for money with every deal. As part of Australia’s largest and most trusted online travel agent, Webjet prides itself in maximising visitor experience, taking the stress away from booking your precious trip abroad. If you have any concerns regarding your holiday to Vietnam, our expert customer service team is available to help out on the phone, by email or by online chat, seven days a week. Booking through Webjet Exclusives gives you peace of mind knowing that the hard part of organising your holiday has already been taken care of, with many deals offering return flights, accommodation and sightseeing savings.

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